Buy a Used Car

The Right Time to Buy a Used Car

Do you intend to buy a used car? A new car does not mean you have to buy a fresh one from the factory. Used cars with good quality can be an option. Buy a used car at the end of the year like this.

In fact, buying a used car at the end of the year can actually give you a profit. Check out some of the following reasons, let’s!

Moments of Long Break Sales of Used Cars

The end of the year is time for families on extended holidays. There are those who choose to travel in public transportation mode, but there are also those who choose to take a private vehicle. The reason is of course to be more efficient, warm, and also practical.

The number of people who want a year-end vacation using a private car helped boost sales of used vehicles. A faster buying process is said to be the main reason.

For a new car to be used, the buyer must at least wait up to two weeks for all the letters to be completed. On the other hand, you who want to buy a used car only need a few days to buy and sell until the end.

More Variation Car Options

The end of the year is one of the best times to buy a used car because you can find more varied choices. Many manufacturers plan to release a new car next year. It also made some people sell their old cars so they could buy the latest release.

Variation Car Options
Variation Car Options

Not only variations in brands and types, but you who buy a used car at the end of the year can also get a jackpot. That is, you can get a car from one to two years old, but the price is quite cheap.

Buying a used car in good condition can bring several benefits. Besides the price, you don’t need to worry so much about the quality of the engine. The treatment needed is not so much that it helps you save money.

Buy Used Cars End of the Year Many Promos

At the end of the year, many stores provide large-scale discounts on their products. Clothing, food, including vehicles. Promotions like this also apply to showrooms that provide used cars.

Various promotions such as maintenance bonuses, cashback, and discounts you can get. Before buying a dream used car at the end of the year, do a search to get a showroom that offers the best promotion. Once sure, you can immediately go to him.

Well, it turns out that it’s a pretty good profit that you can get if you buy a used car at the end of the year. Even so, don’t let you be careless and don’t do a thorough check on your dream used car, ok?

Which One Do You Choose Between Used Cars with Manual or Automatic Transmission?

Used cars are still the main choice of people who have limited funds but already need a car to support their mobility. Prospective buyers of used cars are faced with two choices, choose to buy cheap used cars with a manual or automatic transmission?

Before deciding, prospective buyers should know the comparison of cheap used cars with manual and automatic transmissions as consideration for meeting their daily mobility needs. Here are some comparisons.

Price of buying a used car

For both new and used units, the price of cars with automatic transmission is usually higher than manual cars for the same year and type. Why is the price of automatic cars still higher than manual cars? One reason is that the market demand is more want a car with automatic transmission so the purchase price of used automatic cars is still higher than manual transmission cars.

Operating system

Cars with manual transmissions usually have five or six displacement transmissions and have three pedals, namely brakes, gas, and clutch. The rider’s feet have to take turns stepping on three pedals and of course, it makes legs ache easily. While cars with automatic transmission usually only have four transmission transmissions namely parking, reserve, neutral, drive and low, and only have two pedals. This time the automatic car is superior because the driver does not need to be tired alternately stepping on three pedals.

Fuel consumption

Components of automatic car engines are quite complicated when compared to manual transmission cars. For this reason, cars with automatic transmission are said to be more wasteful of fuel than manual transmissions. However, the fuel consumption of automatic cars can also be minimized. Basically, many factors affect fuel consumption, including the pipe character. So, it’s good to understand the character while driving before driving the selected car. This can also be a consideration before deciding to buy a used car for a manual or automatic transmission.

Care of a used car

Automatic cars have systems and mechanical components that are more complex than manual cars. This has proven to have an impact on the maintenance carried out as well as on the costs that must be borne. Including if there are parts that must be replaced if damaged.

Care of a used car
Care of a used car

While manual transmission cars, systems, and engine components are much simpler than automatic transmission cars. The price of spare parts is not as expensive as an automatic transmission car. However, this potential can be avoided by treating automatic cars with discipline.


Manual gear cars will be more reactive and aggressive than cars with automatic transmission, especially on uphill roads. This is related to the movement of the clutch, which occurs when a car enters a road with a different terrain (from up to down or vice versa).

If you live in an area that has up and down roads, it might be better to choose a manual transmission car. Conversely, if you live in an area that has a sloping road, you can choose an automatic transmission car.

So, please pay attention to the above before deciding to buy a used car for a manual or automatic transmission.